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Well it has been over 9 months and Troy still has not done my order. I contacted Troy finally two months ago and he was very apologetic as usual and agreed that if he could not have the order done by June 30 he would let me know. Well that is the last time I've heard from him. He will not answer my emails or answer his phone.

I have to admit that I am to trusting a person. I guess it is my fault Troy is a thief. I paid him $1100 up front to do a job. He had 100% feedback on ebay and he was a featured vendor on VentureRiders. I talked with him over a half hour, Troy has a gift for gab. He talked me out of $1100.

You know people work hard for their money and people like Troy sit back and talk you out of it and do absolutely nothing to earn your money. I could go down to Cocoa, Fl. and try to get a judge to issue a warrant for thief by conversion but since I sent him the money who knows if a judge would agree with me or not. I could spend $175 and file a small claims suit against him and then travel down there for the hearing and the travel back down there for the trial. I've been told traveling expenses and room and board are not reimbursable. So there is a lot of the $1100 eat up and then the time issue. It is just not worth it. I can sleep at night knowing I have never taken advantage of another person I don't think Troy can say the same thing.

I highly advise everyone to not do business with Troy Savoie! I have learned a very good lesson though, never never pay a complete stranger before the work is done I don't care how many great references he has.

I hope this helps anyone in the future who was contemplating doing business with Troy.


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San Diego, California, United States #639300

The first order i did with him was fantastic everything was better than promised and he went way over and beyond to get me my stuff.The secong time i felt like i had a bond with him so i sent money up front just as good faith and never heard from him again.

and thats ashame because he is way talented and sure he could have a really profitable shop.troy if you get your *** together i need another big beautiful doll, you know who this is


Well I got part of my order and a lot of empty promises.He does not answer his phone or emails again.

I guess a tiger can not cover his stripes.

I'm out a lot of money from this thief.Don't let it happen to you.


I have been trying to purchase from Troy for over 6 months now.He told me product would ship in one month.

He does not answer the phone or emails.Do not waste your time or money on this guy.


I would like to drop my complaint against Troy. He has returned part of my order and is working on the rest. Pissed Consumer needs a way to cancel the complaints!

to hyaduckh Jonesboro, Georgia, United States #666164

The biggest lier and biggest theif on the face of the earth. If you know him and admit to being his friend then I feel sorry for you. If you have been stolen from as I have then just remember you are not alone.


he's a drug addict and a liar don't trust


I contacted him after I saw some of his work which i thought was impressive.Went to his shop a couple times - yes it exists - agreed on what i wanted.

Contacted him via email afterward for status, no answer. Not a good way to do business.

Luckily I didn't give him any money, heck, he couldn't even give me a price!I've writen him off, buyer beware!

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